Mission Statement

InGym serves and supports infants to young adults with a therapeutic activity resource center not based on their ability; but their motivation, drive and the activity demands in life.

We focus our treatments and interactions with clients based on the domain of occupational therapy.  We honor the application of core values, evidence based knowledge and skills to assist clients to engage in everyday activities or occupations that are motivating in a method that supports their health, well-being, and participation in life.


We strive to meet the needs of infants to young adults and their families not only today but into the future by:

  • Fostering relationships and building rapport with the clients and their families to help guide and offer insight throughout the developmental stages
  • Offering the opportunity for children and their parents to bond through play and leisurely activities at their own pace
  • Cultivating the skills required to successfully participate in personally motivated activities
  • Providing the appropriate environment, materials and equipment needed for successful outcomes
  • Focusing on client centered outcomes with a holistic treatment approach, and not a sole treatment method