Mommy, Me & my OT!

Developmental play groups for mommies (or daddies!) and their little ones

Who Am I: Hi! My name’s Mary-Lynn and as a pediatric occupational therapist (OT), I strive to help children of all ages and abilities learn through play! Within a multisensory enriched environment, I seek to cultivate as many opportunities as possible for children to learn about their bodies and minds in order to thrive and further connect with the world.

Why Play Is SO Important: A child’s physical, cognitive and psychosocial development naturally occurs through play and is further supported and influenced by their relationships, experiences and environment. Our brains are built for making constant connections and birth-3 is a time of rapid neural development. With my expertise as a pediatric OT, I am eager to support parents assist their little ones to meet their developmental milestones within a fun, safe and socially supportive space!

What to Expect: music, singing, sensory play and tummy time to tumbling! Developed from an OT’s perspective, play groups will encourage age appropriate social-emotional, cognitive, language, gross and fine motor skills. Through play group, your little one will work on:

Meeting their developmental milestones
Exploring their 8 (yes, 8!) sensory systems
Enhancing their social and emotional development

Parents, in addition to gaining social and emotional support, you can expect to learn:

Positioning and handling techniques to encourage your child’s development
Activities to encourage reflex integration and support your child’s sensory motor skills
How to engage with, play and interact socially with your child

Inch Worms: 5-11 months (rollers, scooters, cruisers and crawlers)

Rollie Pollies: 12-18 months (crawlers and little toddlers)

Busy Bees: 18 months-3 years (big toddlers and runners)

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Looking forward to meeting you and your little!