1. Confidence and Rosy Cheeks!

    Hi Myron - I'm writing to give you some feedback on your sessions. On Monday, after his appointment, he said to me: "Mom, I wish I could workout with Myron every day." He is going to sessions with enthusiasm and leaving with confidence and rosy cheeks. It's exactly what he needs. Thank you for being such a positive influence on his life. See you Monday!…Read More

  2. Glowing recommendation.

    We went to Myron on the glowing recommendation of a good friend – and she turned out to be more than right! Myron knew how to motivate our son to try new things and stretch himself. He really got to know my son’s personality and interests and tailored his activities accordingly. He suggested exercises to try at home, and visited our classrooms each year to recommend modifications to help our s…Read More

    Yael P.
  3. I have been very happy.

    My son has been a weekly client of Myron's for the past 16 months and I have been very happy with the rapport he has with my son, Myron's suggestions, the sensory input he is getting, writing focus improvement, - he really gets 'boy energy'. He also maintains professional training at conferences and brings new ideas to his repertoire. I have only seen positive reviews on my local special need kids…Read More

    Alice Y.