Have Fun During Open Gym

Fill out our waiver

At this time Open Gym is only accessible to clients on therapy services and to one caregiver per child to maintain a safe controlled environment. Also we kindly ask the number of supervising caregivers during therapy sessions to limit to one caregiver. Other accompanying caregivers or siblings please remain offsite. If your child, you or siblings are showing any signs of illness please remain at home. Please remember to thoroughly wash hands before and after using the gym. Thank you.

Open gym is available at certain times of the day as a resourceful community environment for social interactions while using various therapeutic equipment, rooms and activities.  Children are encouraged to to use the gym to reinforce skills with a parent or caregiver on their own time. Whether it be practicing motor skills learned in therapy or just needing a place for sensory regulation, open gym hours will allow you to explore your sensory and motor needs. InGym has a dynamic obstacle course area, interchangeable area for gross motor enhancement, traditional occupational therapy equipment, sensory/fine motor enhancement dome, and climbing wall.

Rules of Open Gym:

Open Gym is via reservations only
– Waiver must be completed prior to arrival
– Children must be supervised by an adult (parent, aid, ABA) at all times
– Children and adults must wash hands prior to using any equipment or supplies
– Socks with grip are recommend, clean socks are a must for all sessions for adults and children, no bare feet if possible
– If your child is showing any signs of illness, please keep them at home
– Therapist have the right of way when treating
– Please use good parenting skills, if your child is having a bad day please step outside until your child is calm. InGym would like to reinforce only positive behaviors